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Hotel Tent Membrane Structure


With the development of society, tourism has become one of the most powerful and largest industries in the global economy.With the development of tourism, the tourism market is constantly changing and the trend of tourism consumption is changing. Therefore, China has gradually changed from sightseeing tourism to leisure tourism.In this environment, good experience becomes the pursuit of people.In terms of accommodation, the most traditional is the express hotel, star-rated hotel and so on.For tourism, homestay, family hotel, theme hotel and other novel accommodation forms are derived, which all have specific regional positioning and crowd positioning.

From the nature, to the nature, now when people travel to try to find the original feeling, tent hotel concept.Membrane structure mainly USES PVDF membrane material hotel tents, Q235 steel, all production procedures are carried out in accordance with national standards, the most obvious feature of the membrane material is: high strength, good durability, fire flame retardant, good self-cleaning effect is not affected by ultraviolet (uv) light, long service life, general can use 15 ~ 30 years, with high light transmittance as high as 13%, the thermal reflectivity is as high as 73%, heat yield very little.Through site selection, layout and exploring the relationship between site and nature, the tent hotel and environment are perfectly integrated. Our tent hotel can definitely give you a different travel experience.